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Admission Counselling By Experts at Hornet Immigration and Visa Consultancy

Students aspiring to study abroad often feel overwhelmed when they must select the country, the college and the course. There are top universities in every country that provide quality education with a broad spectrum of courses. However, students often face confusion when picking one from the bunch. 

Our admission counselors start by evaluating the student’s profile. The students are then given a list of courses from various top universities to pick from. The courses and the universities are the ones the students are eligible for. We will provide you with a complete list of universities country wise. After screening through your eligibility criteria, we will suggest which is the ideal University and country you can go in for.

Our team also takes the groundwork and provides students with all the required information. The students are also provided with the documents required, forms, and applications to be filled, including finance and insurance. The students are also briefed about the fees and the other expenses students can incur when they travel abroad to pursue their education. 

Our experts also understand the burnout caused due to the waiting process and help students to stay motivated throughout the application process. We also curate perfect resumes and scholarship letters as required. We help you get a complex and lengthy visa application forms duly filled. We are proud to have a visa rating of about 99%.

If you are one of such students who wish to study abroad, talk to your admission counselor today, and overcome your confusion. 

The Services We Provide

Our expert services make studying and settling abroad a realistic and achievable concept. Contact us today!

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