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Study in Australia

Australia is definitely one of the preferred locations for Indian students to pursue their studies abroad. This is mainly because you have degrees that are conferred by Australian Universities that are of international recognition without the least element of doubt. Plus, you have the Australian Education system that can offer you flexible study modules for pursuing your under-grad, graduate, and post-graduation courses. The Universities offer a plethora of opportunities for students to conduct their research findings post their master’s or their PhDs.

According to the latest QS World University rankings, you have almost seven Australian Universities that feature on their lists. You can add another 10 Australian Universities that make it to the world’s top 300. You again have five Australian Universities that bag their positions among the top 25 according to the list of universities as generated by the Times Higher Education rankings for International Universities. Most Australian Universities provide core education backed by ample scientific research facilities for students. That primarily explains why Universities here easily bag their positions at the QS World University rankings. Again, their rankings attract a number of students from international markets.

You have plenty of opportunities for students to earn while studying. This way, they are able to look after their education as well as their living expenses. You have a number of spectacular tourist destinations and awesome weather in Melbourne and Sydney which is why these are among the top 10 most preferred destinations for international students in the world. You have an integrated educational system here in Australia that seamlessly connects primary, secondary, and tertiary education along with vocational opportunities. This way, students are able to seamlessly navigate from one stage to another without much of a hassle.

Australian Qualifications Framework is the most recognized regulatory council that awards educational qualifications and degrees to students who complete their university studies here in Australia. Given AQF’s reputation, no wonder these degrees are recognized as one of the best across the world. Not to forget the fact that there are fewer Universities that come under the direct control of the AQF. Hence, the Australian Govt takes complete control over the administration and management of the same.

How is it like in Australia?

As Australia is a continent that is surrounded by sea on all sides, you have tremendous sightseeing opportunities for tourists and international students who wish to settle down here. The continent is known for its world-class set of beaches too. This is why, Australia is a preferred destination for holidayers as well as international students who plan their studies here. You also have Australia ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world. You have 5 of 30 preferred destinations for international students who wish to settle down here post-completion of their studies. These include Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Canberra.

As Australia has a clean and wonderful set of beaches, you also have hordes of adventure activities immigrants can take upon. These include hiking, sea surfing, and snorkeling. This is a country that boasts of a multi-cultural ambience. 29% of residents are born here. So, the country welcomes international tourists from across the globe. According to the statistical findings of the Global Peace Index, it is found that Australia is one of the safest cities to live in with a very low crime rate. It is also a notable fact that Australian roads are the 15th safest in the world.