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New Immigration Policies of Australia Students Need to Know About

As you must be well aware, the new Govt in Australia was formed on June 1, 2022. The change of administration is causing a new tide in immigration policies concerning rolling out student visas in a more streamlined manner. We hope the new Australian Govt will bring in better policies for students seeking visas from other nations. The new immigration policies seek to favour students pursuing their higher studies at leading Universities in Australia. This is to attract top talent from new or already established markets.

In this segment, let us learn some of the major initiatives the Govt has done concerning its administration of policies being rolled out. Helping you get started with the same:

  • The Scott- Morrison-led Govt had allowed fully vaccinated students and temporary graduates to the borders of Australia.
  • During 2020, Australia saw a surging high for new admission of international students. The staggering numbers were 882,482 on admissions alone. Of this, 686,104 students opted to pay the full fees on the student visa.
  • It is also to be noted that fully vaccinated eligible student visa holders can now enter the borders of Australia without applying for any form of travel exemption.

What are the kind of suggestions Australian Universities have come up with?

A couple of top-rated Australian Universities have suggested how the influx of international students to the economy can be streamlined effectively. For instance, they have requested the administrative authorities to offer better support towards re-engagement and diversification of the international education sector. The feat could be achieved when you allow new talent to engage with existing talent. This way, one could effectively streamline a pool of talent.

Another suggestion by the Universities to bring about a paradigm shift in the international education sector is to create a lucrative national scholarship program.

This way, students who have secured the highest percentages from many universities from other parts of the globe can invoke their admissions in multiple sectors like IT, engineering, and various other technological courses.

The New Govt plans to revamp its operations

The Govt aims to revamp its operations to woo more students from the global international markets. From making a couple of changes in Australia’s existing immigration policy to re-creating a brand new immigration policy, the Aussie govt can take a favourable set of measures for international student communities in the upcoming years.

The Australian Govt seems more committed to providing ample protection to international students who come to the country to pursue their future studies here. Alongside this, the Govt proposes taking steps to prevent the exploitation of temporary workers, especially international students.

The authorities also vow to work towards the safe return of these students to their respective home countries after completing their studies. New policies for temporary migrants can also be rolled out shortly. The Australian Govt sees a potential market for international student enrollment, with India and China contributing to 57% of 2020 international student enrollments against 46% in 2010.

Final Thoughts

With a paradigm shift in the immigration policies proposed to be outlined by the Australian Govt, student visa processing formalities will get way easier and simpler. The administration authorities are also more likely to pay attention to the needs of the international student community in a more vigorous manner than what was done in the past.

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