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Study United Kingdom

If you look at it, the UK has some of the most well-known and renowned Universities and educational institutions that marvel at the quality of education they impart to students from across the globe. It is no surprise that almost 50,000 Indian students go to UK Universities to pursue their studies every single year.

The UK also one of the richest countries in the world, boasts itself of providing a world-class education to students belonging to different domains of study. Its superlative educational system has therefore produced pioneer leaders in fields like business, politics, science, and technology. As English is a language that is widely spoken in most parts of the UK, students who study here develop renowned language skills that can prepare them for their future employment prospects too.

Current frameworks of the UK educational system

You have a well-defined set of educational frameworks the UK corresponds to. Let us discover what these frameworks so that you get a detailed idea with respect to the same:

The Regulated Qualifications Framework or the RQF

The Regulated Qualifications Framework or the RQF primarily deals with general and vocational courses that are recognized by training and educational institutions covering the whole of England and Northern Ireland on the whole. The Council is responsible for curation of the curriculum, and conducting periodic assessments or examinations from time to time. The Council also deals with the assessment or evaluation of tests or assignments that were conducted thereon.

Credit and Qualifications framework for Wales or the CQFW

The Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales or the CQFW creates the syllabus for all courses and educational programs for students belonging to the Universities of Wales. The Council is also responsible for the conduct of tests, assignments and examinations from time to time. Periodic assessments and evaluations of the course-related framework are also protocols, the CQFW, is responsible for.

The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework or the SCQF

The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework or the SCQF is primarily responsible for the formulation of course modules covering Universities that are prevalent throughout Scotland. Examinations and periodic assessments are also conducted by the Council’s authorities from time to time.

Framework for Higher Education Qualifications of UK or the FHEQ

The Framework for Higher Education Qualifications of the UK or the FHEQ is a council that is primarily responsible for awarding students with their respective degrees. The framework operates across the whole of the UK.

Students living at the UK

If you have a look at it, there are more than 100, 000 students from other parts of the world who aim to opt for universities covering London alone. With more than 50 world-class Universities and educational institutions, Indians find it a go-to destination as a matter of fact. Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Birmingham are other cities within the UK where students get enrolled in. Therefore, it is pretty evident that you have a strong foothold of international student communities who pursue their education out here at the UK.

The International student communities are so strong and robust that they help students who are completely new to the place. Post completion of studies, the communities also help students seek employment in and around the UK.

Students pick their study programs owing to the fact that their under-graduate and post graduate programs are flexible and less time-consuming. On an average, it takes about 3 years for a student to complete his/her under-grad course while for a post graduate, it usually is one year of complete study followed by an internship or a summer project.