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Do’s and Don’ts During a Visa Interview

Education paves the way to an enriching future. But students who want to study a course of their choice in a university abroad need a visa to make their dream come true. Students must excel in their visa interview, which is even more imperative when you have already taken an education loan.

A visa interview is held at the embassy or a country’s consulate and is taken by a consular. How you perform during the interview determines whether you obtain a student visa. It can be said that there is a lot at stake, and even a tiny mistake can take your dream back to the planning board again.

To make things easy for you, the experts at Hornet Visa and Immigration Consultancy have listed a few dos and don’ts you need to know before taking the visa interview. Let us have a look at what they are.

Dos During a Visa Interview

Make sure to smile

You might have numerous things on your mind, and you might as well be worried about the outcome of the visa interview. But stay calm and wear that bright smile on your face. Humans often make their first impression by looking at the face of the other person. So, smile when needed, but avoid showing the teeth constantly, or do not giggle. When you obtain your visa, show your happiness and thank the consular.

Do not be a slouching tiger

Students always need to maintain a good posture when communicating with the consular. It shows that you are confident and well-prepared. If you feel nervous, just take a deep breath, and correct your posture. Make sure not to move your hand or legs much as well. In simple terms, you should not look too stiff or too comfortable.

Dress up before you show up

Dress up like you mean it. No one would want to allow a shabbily dressed person to visit their country. You must dress as per the event, and a visa interview is an official visit. Pay attention while choosing the dress, and pick one that matches your image and reflects your aspiration as a student. Dress professionally, and wear formal if possible. Students who are indeed worried can have a word with the counsellor at Hornet Visa and Immigration Consultancy, and they will guide you about all aspects of a visa interview. 

Never fake an accent

You might have expertise in your mother tongue, but knowing English is necessary when planning to study abroad. It always helps to opt for coaching before applying for universities, and consultancies like Hornet Immigration and Visa can also guide you in preparing for various exams like GRE, TOEFL etc.

If you have completed these courses, you should be confident enough to face the visa interview. Never fake an accent, and do not speak too softly or loudly. Remember that the person taking the interview is an expert and deserves all the respect.

Make an eye contact

Make eye contact when you are communicating with the interviewer. If there is more than one person, look into the person’s eyes when talking to them. Making eye contact shows your confidence and honesty; however, never try and force the way you look. When they ask a question, just look at them, smile, and answer.

Keep the documents ready

Organize and carry all the visa-related originals and documents in a single file. Ensure you carry this when stepping in for the visa interview. You can even use sticky notes to organize all the documents, saving time.

Why are you there?

Well, you need to know the answer to this question. Why do you want to study in that specific country? Know the purpose of your choice correctly, and prepare a logical answer to this question beforehand. Knowing facts and figures about the university and course you picked will also be helpful.

Now that we know the dos during a visa interview, let us quickly check out a few don’ts.

Don’t During the Visa Interview

Avoid using fillers

Try and avoid the use of words like “umm”, “guess”, and “I think” during the interview process. You need to focus on the questions being asked and respond with a prompt answer. Only ramble about personal experiences if asked. Taking mock interviews will help you prepare for the visa interviews, and we at Hornet can help you.

Don’t be a nervous, Nancy

We understand that the visa interview is essential. But you can avoid being nervous or anxious if you are well prepared. If you are nervous and unable to handle the initial questions, there is a high chance that your visa application might get rejected. Try and stay calm and focus on the questions asked.

They don’t like chanting

Most students mug up some lines and start talking when the question is asked. Though this can sometimes work, it can turn risky and overturn the situation into a negative one. It is good to refer to some commonly asked visa questions but do not mug up.

Never be late

Remember that you are a student, and this visa interview is important to you. Ensure you reach the interview location at least 30 minutes before the given time.

Never carry torn documents

All the documents related to your visa need to be clean and presentable. Never carry documents that are torn or look crushed. Remember that the state of the documents you carry reflects your passion, attitude and ambition in life.

Make sure to follow these dos and don’ts and prepare to face your visa interview confidently. You can also get in touch with our team at Hornet Visa and Immigration Consultancy, who can guide you through the visa process and help you prepare with some mock interviews. Good Luck!

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